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Moment to Moment

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Moment To Moment

Originally released on Arabesque Records, Afrasia Productions, Inc. reissued this timeless work in 2008, featuring Onaje Allan Gumbs.


Onaje Allan Gumbs, Piano Kenny Davis, Bass and Electric Bass Buddy Williams, Drums Kevin Eubanks, Guitar Chico Freeman, Tenor Sax Mayra Casales, Percussion


1. Invitation
2. Dont You Worry Your Head About It**
3. You'll Always Have A Part Of Me
4. Samba De Laplaya***
5. As One*
6. A Time For Love
7. Big Girls
8. Moment To Moment

* Written By Carmen Lundy ** by Carmen Lundy and Camille Saviola *** by Carmen Lundy and Rich Meitin

Produced by Carmen Lundy String Quartet Arranged by Onaje Allan Gumbs All other arrangements by Carmen Lundy

Label: Arabesque Records

Released: November 20, 1992

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