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Carmen Lundy Soul To Soul Album Review

Review by: Marianne Clements 

Carmen Lundy "Soul to Soul" 

Record Label:  Afrasia Prod.

Carmen Lundy's 14th Album is beautiful poetry melded with music. This CD takes you on a journey of love, joy, longing and hope! Very easy listening with her smooth vocals and the collaboration of many stellar artists. 

From the first piece, "Kindred Spirits," till the end "What's Your Story, Morning Glory,"  you feel drawn in to the journey and story being told. 

"Kindred Spirits" takes you in and out of emotion, her truth, her, body, her Spirit. Revelations being shared! To "Day Break" where you find yourself yearning for a new day and the sun to rise so your love can return. 

"Life is a Song in Me" is good energy, good vibes... with my favorite "Grace" where she collaborated with Simphiwe Dana to create a delightful vibrant song.

Carmen's "Soul to Soul" allows us to explore and express the innermost secrets and mysteries of her inner being.  Freedom as she says "Que Sera, Sera"...what will be will be.

Love the Bossa Nova feel in "Everything I Need", and both Grateful Pt 1 and 2 are very different but with the same message of gratitude. 

"Soul to Soul" is very easy to listen to,  although complex at times. I would definitely recommend it!

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