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Carmen Lundy Soul To Soul Album Review - JazzWeekly

Carmen Lundy: Soul to Soul

by  • September 25, 2014 


Carmen Lundy is sort of like the Arthur Prysock or Johnny Hartmann of female vocalists. Once you hear that dark and husky tone, you’re not going anywhere. So few ladies go as convincingly deep as Ms. Lundy, and once again it works amazingly well here in an intriguing collection of songs that have her with Patrice Rushen/key, Darry Hall/b, Jamison Ross/dr and various guests that include Geri Allen/p, Randy  Brecker/tp, Bennie Maupin/ts-ss and, above all, the ringer of harpist Carol Robbins for a  handful of tracks.

Robbins’ harp adds mystic and intrigue to Lundy’s songs as voice, harp and muted brass blend together on ”When Will They Learn” or the hip and galloping “Daybreak” which has Lundy and strings sounding like sprinkling drops of morning rain.  Acoustic guitar and percussion frames Lundy as she gently rustles through “Grace” and an inviting samba is caressed by the leader on ”Everything I Need.” Most exciting is the dark, dramatic and semi-modal mix of bass, trumpet and Lundy’s penetrating and vulnerable delivery on “Don’t You Know How I Feel.” This is the Lundy that grabs the audience by the throat, and doesn’t let go. Her closing take with Allen of “What’s Your Story, Morning Glory” has a Bill Evan-like romanticism. This lady takes you there and back!


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