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SoulTracks - Carmen Lundy shines on "Code Noir"


Carmen Lundy Has Something Special with Code Noir

There are few artists whose name garners respect from fans, critics and fellow artists like Carmen Lundy. And the creative explores the realms of Jazz, Blues, Brazilian Samba and Pop with a multitude of messages on her brilliant new album, Code Noir.  Poignant, heartfelt, joyous, shocked, saddened and impassioned are just a few of the emotions conveyed by this wonderfully evocative singer on CODE NOIR in a highly personal musical voyage.

"These songs encompass the musical and artistic influences from the African diaspora and its influence on jazz and other musical genres – the bossa nova, the blues, swing, funk, the exploration into the avant-garde," says Carmen.  "Yet they also encompass the many emotions that are prevalent in this country right now.  We are going through tough times with a country that is sorely divided and many of these tracks reflect the feelings that we as human beings are going through on an individual level."

Masterfully accompanying Carmen on the new album are Patrice Rushen on piano who once again joins Carmen on this outing, BenWilliams on acoustic and electric bass, Jeff Parker on electric guitar, Kendrick Scott on drums and percussion and Elisabeth Oei on background vocals.  In addition to vocals, Lundy also plays keyboards and guitar and arranged all the songs. 

We think you’re going to love this album that pleases your ears and your mind. So sit back and absorb Code Noir, our newest SoulTracks Listening Room.


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