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Carmen Lundy - Code Noir

by Edward F. Nesta


The latest release by Carmen Lundy - Code Noir is a melding of African influenced sounds from across genres such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossa Nova, and more. Code Noir shows Carmen Lundy's mastery of writing passionate lyrics that blend seamlessly with alluring melodies.

Carmen Lundy - Code Noir was produced by Carmen Lundy and released on the indie Afrasia Production label; this marks Ms. Lundy's 15th release in her storied career. The release contains twelve tracks that were written or co-written by Carmen Lundy influenced by the African dispersion on different music forms from Jazz, to Bossa Nova, Blues, Funk, Swing, and many others.

The release starts with a melodic tone and the beautiful vocals of Carmen Lundy on the track Another Chance, a tender and touching song of allowing for love's "another chance." The release segues to another poignant and rich melody track, Live Out Loud, that showcases Carmen's vocal mastery as she accompanies the beautiful piano work of Patrice Rushen.

The release turns up the vibe with the track Black and Blues and opens with a driving baseline and lower range vocals from Carmen that shows her coverage and ability to mesh with any beat and melody, this is followed by a duet of drums and Carmen's scat. The track Whatever It Takes brings the tempo back to a soft and reflective passage opening with the piano and snare drums complemented by Carmen's lush vocals to paint a moment in time "either wrong or right, we will try,... whatever it takes."

The track Afterglow is like its name, a romp across the instruments with a pace that shines after each instrument's transition to the next segment, the progression throughout the track, accompanied by Carmen's up tempo vocals, is a masterpiece in song writing. Second Sight is a love song of "It was love at first and second sight," the track captures the enraptured state a person can be drawn into when they find that special person.

The release contains Blues, Jazz, some Bossa Nova (The Island, The Sea and You), and the rich velvety tones of Carmen Lundy along with a band that presents each track with a sophistication and attitude that will make you take notice and appreciate the unique musicianship; this is a release that will be spun over-and-over again.

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