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This is Carmen Lundy

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The Justin Time label debut This Is Carmen Lundy, was recorded in May of 2001 and released in September. Entirely self-composed, the recording promptly garnered rave reviews from around the world.

Onaje Allan Gumbs, Piano - 3,7,8 Anthony Wonsey, Piano or Fender Rhodes - 1,2*,4,5,6,8*,9 Curtis Lundy, Bass Ralph Peterson Jr., Drums Mayra Casales, Percussion - 1,5,6 Bobby Watson, Alto Sax Mark Shim, Tenor and Soprano Sax Kevin Louis, Trumpet and Flugelhorn

1. All Day, All Night - 6:20
2. This is the End of a Love Affair - 3:58
3. Now That He's Gone - 5:28
4. Better Luck Next Time - 4:38
5. Send Me Somebody to Love - 4:47
6. (I Dream) In Living Color - 10:49
7. Is It Love - 8:41
8. One More River to Cross - 6:44
9. Seventh Heaven - 3:26 (Dedicated to Kenny Kirkland)

Produced by Curtis Lundy Engineered by Billy Szawlowski All compositions by Carmen Lundy

Label: Justin Time

Released Sept. 25, 2001

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