Come Home

Come Home

Come Home

Carmen Lundy's 10th CD release features 11 new and original songs and a standout arrangement of "Nature Boy".

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Her rock solid core band of stellar musicians features Anthony Wonsey on piano, Curtis Lundy on bass, Jason Evan Brown on drums, Mayra Casales on percussion and Lage Lund on guitar, plus very special guests Geri Allen on piano and keyboards, Steve Turre on trombone and conch shells, Lori Andrews on harp, Machan lending support vocals and a kid's choir on a new studio version of "Afrasia!"

Track List:

  1. Lost in San Rafael (6:45)
  2. Nature Boy (3:57)
  3. Come Home (5:18)
  4. My Wedding Vow (5:00)
  5. Happy New Year (2:50)
  6. Seductive Reasoning (Reflexo da Seducao) (3:35)
  7. Heart of Gold (7:55)
  8. Gossip (4:04)
  9. Walking Code Blue (7:19)
  10. Lil' Lu (6:51) 11. Afrasia! (7:57)
  11. Something Happened Today (4:16)

Produced by Elisabeth Oei
Label: Afrasia Productions
Released January 28, 2008