GOOD MORNING KISS (limited edition)

Good Morning Kiss

GOOD MORNING KISS (limited edition)

The original 1985 debut CD with original cover art by Carmen Lundy, first released on Blackhawk Records, and now available through Afrasia Productions, Inc./CLR.

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Track List:

  1. Time Is Love*
  2. Dindi
  3. The Lamp Is Low 4. Perfect Stranger**
  4. Good Morning Kiss ***
  5. Show Me That You Love Me**
  6. Love For Sale 8. Quiet Times*
  7. Dindi (Alternate take)
  8. Perfect Stranger (Alternate take)
  9. Good Morning Kiss (Alternate take)


Carmen Lundy – vocals
Harry Whitaker – Piano
Curtis Lundy, Ben Brown – Bass
Victor Lewis – Drums
Mayra Casales – Percussion
Bobby Watson – Alto Sax
Rene McLean – Tenor Sax
Steve Turre – Trombone
Jon Faddis – Trumpet
Earl Gardner – Trumpet

Produced by Carmen Lundy Executive Producer: Jack Tamen
Co-Producers: Peter O'Brien S.J. and Harry Whitaker
Horn Arrangements by Bobby Watson
Label: CLR (Limited Edition) Originally Released on Blackhawk
Released: September, 1985