Moment To Moment

Moment to Moment

Moment to Moment

Originally released on Arabesque Records, Afrasia Productions, Inc. reissued this timeless work in 2008, featuring Onaje Allan Gumbs.

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Track List:

  1. Invitation
  2. Dont You Worry Your Head About It**
  3. You'll Always Have A Part Of Me
  4. Samba De Laplaya***
  5. As One*
  6. A Time For Love
  7. Big Girls
  8. Moment To Moment


Onaje Allan Gumbs – Piano
Kenny Davis – Bass and Electric Bass
Buddy Williams – Drums
Kevin Eubanks – Guitar
Chico Freeman – Tenor Sax
Mayra Casales – Percussion

* Written By Carmen Lundy
** by Carmen Lundy and Camille Saviola
*** by Carmen Lundy and Rich Meitin
Produced by Carmen Lundy String Quartet Arranged by Onaje Allan Gumbs
All other arrangements by Carmen Lundy
Label: Arabesque Records
Released: November 20, 1992