There are “solo projects,” and then there is Solamente.

Everything about the new CD from Carmen Lundy comes directly from the heart. Renowned for her extraordinary vocal prowess and songwriting skill, Lundy moves far beyond our expectations, arranging, producing, recording, mixing and playing every instrument on Solamente.

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Originally recorded to serve as reference demos of new compositions, the recordings so moved listeners that Lundy was persuaded to release them as they were, with every second, every note a reflection of an artist at her creative peak.

The warm analog recording, pure tones and sublime melodies experienced throughout Solamente provide a sense of intimacy rarely heard in this digital era. Mix in Lundy's willingness to bare herself as a writer and performer and you have a listening experience quite unlike anything heard in years.

Says Lundy, "From my heart to the page, the page to my fingers, I offer these songs to you. Completely organic, entirely home grown. Personally yours, a glimpse into my process. Enjoy."

Track List:

  1. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
  2. Fire In The Rhythm 3. The Out Crowd Pt. 1
  3. Lay Low
  4. Requiem For Kathryn
  5. Show Me A Sign
  6. When Lights Are Low
  7. Free As A Child
  8. Move On
  9. America, The Beautiful
  10. Without Your Love
  11. The Out Crowd Pt. 2

Conceived and Produced by Elisabeth Oei and Carmen Lundy Recorded and Mixed at Afrasia Studios, Los Angeles, CA, January – March 2009 Mastered by Bernie Becker (The Magician) Mastering, Pasadena, CA